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Having It All in the Belle Epoque

I am launching this blog–auspiciously, I hope– on the day that the first copies of my new book, Having it All in the Belle Epoque, landed on my doorstep. The book explores images of modern femininity promoted by the first two women’s photographic magazines in France, Femina and La Vie Heureuse. In the course of my…

From Having it All to Before Trans

I first encountered Jane Dieulafoy, one of the three subjects of Before Trans, when I was working on my previous book, Having It All in the Belle Epoque. In that project, I studied the ways in which two innovative women’s magazines, Femina and La Vie Heureuse, constructed a new model of “modern woman” who could…


Marguerite Durand, founder of the all-woman run newspaper La Fronde, was famous for having a pet lion, whom she cleverly named Tiger, “out of love for paradox.” In addition to accompanying her on long walks through the streets of Paris, Tiger apparently helped Durand’s diplomatic efforts (pictured here with a sultan of Grand Comora, an island…

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